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Denmark-Hong Kong Trade Association

Denmark-Hong Kong Trade Association, founded in 1989, is an association of Danish business representatives with a special interest for the trade between Denmark and Hong Kong SAR. It is established with the aim to promote commercial, industrial and other trade related activities. Further, the association has the purpose to promote the general conditions for trade and economic development between Denmark and Hong Kong SAR.

The association is supported by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, Brussels, and Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Stockholm, and has since its start implemented 3-4 events yearly, where its members have been able:

  • to participate in speeches by top business representatives and specialist from Hong Kong SAR and Denmark
  • to obtain contacts to business people for mutual exchange of experiences and/or future cooperation
  • to obtain information about the market’s general development, like changes in state of the market, legal aspects and the development up to date and in the future.

The chairman of Denmark Hong Kong Trade Association is appointed vice-chairman of the Federation of Hong Kong Business Associations Worldwide Ltd., which is a global personal network of more than 7700 members in 28 countries.

The Association obtains financial support from Hong Kong Trade Development Council. The support is continued after 30. June 1997, in order for the Association to be able to implement events and activities , which informs about future development in Hong Kong SAR.

It would be a pleasure for us to see you as a member giving you the opportunity to take part in our future events.

Best regards

The Committee for
Denmark-Hong Kong Trade Association

Claus V. Hemmingsen

The Year of the Goat 2015

The Goat comes 8th in the Chinese zodiac.

Chinese New Year 2015 will begin the latest Year of the Goat. Decorations will reflect this and Goat sign people will take special care about what they do

Goats, 2015 is an important year for you according to zodiac theory. It is your Ben Ming Nian. See How to Bring Yourself Good Luck in Your Ben Ming Nian.

The Goat's Personality: Calm, Gentle

People born in a year of the Goat are generally believed to be gentle mild-mannered, shy, stable, sympathetic, amicable, and brimming with a strong sense of kindheartedness and justice.

The 14th Hong Kong Forum Brochure

Dear Association & Chapter / Section Heads / Federation Co-ordinators

Thank you for your support to the 13th Hong Kong Forum. 380 associates flew in from 23 countries to take part in this annual anchor event of the Federation last December.

The 14th Hong Kong Forum will be held on 3-4 December. Since many associations / chapters will start their recruitment campaign in the coming months, we are glad to provide you with the 14th Hong Kong Forum brochure for your use and distribution to your members, the coordinator will receive them this week. We also uploaded a soft copy to the HK Forum website.

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Should you have any queries, please feel free to contact us at

Best regards,

Federation Secretariat

Hong Kong Trade Development Council

Map of Hong Kong

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