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ThinkChina: Public lecture – Public Hermeneutics

ZHANG Jiang, Ph.D. and Professor of Literary Studies. Current Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) and Editor-in-Chief of Social Sciences in China Press (SSCP), Social Sciences in ChinaChinese Literary Criticism, Social Sciences in China Review and Chinese Social Sciences Today. He is also Chairman of Chinese Society for Literary Criticism (CSLC) and the expert of the Review Committee of The National Social Sciences Fund of China (NSSFC). He has long been engaged in research on literary theory and criticism, and in recent years his concept “Imposed Interpretation” has aroused intensive and extensive discussions and received enthusiastic responses in academia both domestic and abroad. Zhang Jiang will hold a research presentation with a follow-up discussion.

Speaker bio:

Zhang Jiang, First Vice President of University of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS), Mette Hjort, Professor of Film Studies at the University of Copenhagen, and Klaus Bruhn Jensen, Professor in the Department of Media, Cognition and Communication at the University of Copenhagen.

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